Tennessee Commercial Insurance coverage

Commercial Insurance

Setting up a business takes resources and time. As such, it is vital to protect to protect your investment by taking up commercial insurance. Commercial insurance affords you financial reprieve after an insured event damages your assets. Ram Insurance Services, LLC writes commercial insurance in Tennessee.

Here are our commercial insurance coverage options

Commercial auto insurance

Commercial auto insurance insures business vehicles against perils such as accidents, weather damage, and theft. However, this policy is specific to vehicles registered under the business. As such, personal vehicles used for business purposes are not insured.

Commercial property insurance

This coverage option insures your business assets against hazards such as fire, theft and natural disasters. Natural disasters such as wildfires and floods can bring an otherwise successful venture to its knees. However, with this coverage option in place, you can rest assured that your business will be back on its feet.

Workers compensation

Sometimes employees get injured while working and in some instances, these injuries limit their ability to keep on working. Workers compensation insurance steps in to cater for the lost income and medical expenses accrued after the incident.

General liability insurance

The liability coverage option pays to represent you in court after a legal suit. Legal suits can eat up on your finances reducing your margins. They can be detrimental especially if you haven’t realized any returns on your investment. This coverage option affords you peace of mind knowing that pending suits will not affect your operations.

Get commercial insurance in Tennessee

As a businessperson you cannot evade all business risks; however, you can limit the impact they have on your venture. At Ram Insurance Services LLC we are committed to affording you ideal commercial insurance solutions. We have tailored our coverage options to meet our diverse client needs. Get in touch with us today for more information. You can also visit our website today for a free estimate of your commercial insurance coverage.