Tennessee Renters Insurance coverage

Renters Insurance

If renting a home or an apartment in Tennessee, you need an insurance policy to protect your belongings. For many renters, it isn’t a priority. But, it is vital. Renters insurance protects you financially in case if insured damages. At Ram Insurance Services LLC, Tennessee, we write renters insurance.

Here are some of our coverage options.

Guest medical coverage

Guest medical coverage helps in covering medical expenses in case an accident happens in your rental. This policy covers the medical bills so that to prevent being sued by the guest. But, medical coverage doesn’t cover your immediate family member.

Liability insurance

Liability insurance protects you when sued. An accident or injury could be sustained in your house. This policy covers the litigation fees and settles any damages.

Personal property insurance

Personal property insurance will cover all your belongings in your residence. This coverage option reimburses for the loss usually up to your policy limit. It also covers the property damage to a third party. A leaking pipe may flood the next house. This coverage could reimburse for the loss occurred.

Additional cost insurance

Additional cost insurance covers for the cost of a temporary residence if your house is made uninhabitable. This coverage option will help you settle extra expenses until you can move back in or find a new house.

Fire insurance

Fire insurance protects you financially in case of a fire in your residence. This policy will cover for the repair or replacement of the property lost in the fire.

Renters insurance is very vital in protecting your belongings. At Ram Insurance Services LLC, Tennessee, we understand the insurance needs of Tennessee renters. Get in touch with us to speak to one of our agents on a suitable coverage for your rental. Also, you can visit our website for a quote and more information.